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Vitamin E Heart Disease!

Vitamin E has many good effects on man and his health. Normally we have not heard of Heart Diseases being treated by Vitamin E. But yes, it has medicinal effects as all other antibiotics have. So let us take a deep look on how Vitamin E acts as a good source of medicine.

About Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is one of those nutrients that are needed only in small proportions, yet they prove to be the major contributors to good health. All the vitamins are so important for the body that they are literally needed almost everyday in order to meet the energy needs of the patient. Normally Vitamin E supplements are required by the body for the effective functioning of the heart. If there is any deficiency of the nutrient, then the body faces the severe risk of having to suffer from heart disorders. Also some recent studies in patients having Coronary Artery Disease show the depletion of Vitamin in their body by about 30-40%. This is a dangerous sight for any patient as recent studies clear indicate the essence of having the correct Vitamin E content in the body. Also other researchers have concluded and have come to the decision that Vitamin E presence means people can enjoy a better life without the cardiac problems.

Other facts about Vitamin E:
Also Vitamin E has found to have reduced heart attacks and other cardiovascular disorders to a significant extent in a person suffering from cardiac problems. Also it has been seen that doctors today give approximately 400 IU of Vitamin E to protect the patients from suffering further attacks of the heart or other problems as well. Normally this reduces about 60% chance of suffering from the disease and it has been concluded that Vitamin E is a very good supplement indeed. Also it has been said that since the Vitamin is a natural one, there cannot be any side effects from the medicine, thus reducing the panic factor among the patients and reducing the tension factor that may arise during treatment.

Though there are some reports suggesting that Vitamin E does nothing to the heard disorders, it is still widely believed that it is very effective against Heart Disorders. Also the facts are coming out that Vitamin E does not work with women and the same dosage for women has not yet proved to be a success. Many doctors still regard it as one of the best methods to stop heart diseases.

Where is Vitamin E?
Vitamin E is normally found in all types of sources that we know, including fruits and vegetables. Normally the green leafy vegetables are the best sources of this vitamin and consumption of these vegetables is considered a must to stay away from heart disorders.


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What is a Heart Murmur?

Heart Murmurs are those unusual sounds that are associated with the heart beat. These sounds are sometimes heard by the person himself or when diagnosed by a doctor. They are the indications of cardiac abnormality and should be very carefully handled and care should be taken. Take a look

Are they signs of Heart Disease?
Yes, they are the signs of some very serious disorder and have to be very carefully handled and taken care of. If we take a look on how they sound, we get to know that they produce sounds from very faint to loud sound which can be heard by the patient himself. The normal sound caused due to the opening and closing of the valves are strictly matched with the heart sounds of the patient and then diagnosed for this disease if the heart sound is abnormal. Also they are the signs of an impending heart disorder.

How are they produced?
Normally these irregular heart murmurs are caused due to turbulent blood flow from the heart. If we look at the two types of Heart Murmurs, Innocent and abnormal heart murmurs, the innocent one is harmless and does not cause any major problem to the body. They may be present in children and the sounds continue to remain the same throughout life. Normally those with Innocent Heart Murmurs are not susceptible to any kind of disease.

The abnormal heart murmurs are common with those people who have a history of heart disorders in their life and provide a risk of suffering from a cardiac arrest. Normally these sounds are loud and can e heard very easily. Also these sounds mean a heart disorder where the arteries which supply blood to the heart are clogged with fatty deposits or they are narrowed down. So if the patients are diagnosed with this form of heart murmur, they may need immediate hospitalization.

What to do?
Immediately after the patient is diagnosed with the irregular heart murmurs, the patient should not waste time and he should be immediately hospitalized to take care of the disease. As we have seen the causes for these heart murmurs can be very different and hence the diagnosis of the disease causing the murmur is required. Once the main disease is recognized then the heart murmurs can be controlled to some extent.

There is no treatment for the innocent heart murmurs as they are natural and not a disease condition. Also the patients need not worry about the innocent type as they are harmless. Correct diagnosis and the right treatment will reduce the extent of pressure the heart is facing and also give better standard of living. So it is in our hands to preserve our health!!!

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